SIP Trunks

Not a lot of people have heard of the term ‘SIP Trunks’, which is why we will start off with explaining what this is. SIP Trunks is a solution, we here at COMTALK offer, that connects your PBX to the existing telephone system via the internet – also called VoIP (Voice over IP).

If you currently have ISDN lines connected to your PBX system in your telephone solution, we offer that you can keep your PBX System, while we will be replacing your ISDN with SIP Trunks. A solution like this is called SIP hosted PBX.

SIP Tunk


The advantage of using SIP Trunks instead of your ISDN is as follows:

Your expensive ISDN solution will be replaced by SIP Trunks, which in most circumstances equals a significant cost saving on the company’s telephony bills.

The only prerequisite for switching to a SIP hosted PBX solution is that your current PBX system supports SIP trunks.

Not all PBX systems support the aforementioned, therefore we also offer the opportunity to purchase an ISDN to SIP adapter, therefore opening up for compatbility between your system and SIP Trunks.


We here at COMTALK are experts when it comes to telephone solutions and this of course applies to SIP Trunks.

Therefore, If you would like to hear more about how this solution works, how it can benefit your company or perhaps something else, please feel free to contact us by phone +1 (954) 4000 980.

We will also be prepared to offer you a non-binding and competitive offer that fits your needs and telephone solution.