SMS Gateway

One of the most effective ways to communicate is SMS, the user receives your message immediately and can respond to your message immediately. Get important messages out to the right people at a certain time, or send it right away.

With an SMS gateway, you can schedule the sending of text messages and make it personal by merging data from your directory into the message, thus gaining greater credibility as a company or brand for your product.

You can also send text messages directly from our PBXCLOUD platform.

sms gateway

SMS Gateway Portal

COMTALK has made it simple to send SMS messages from our SMS Gateway. Once set up as a user, you can easily set up SMSs and load recipient profiles through the online web interface. When setting up text messages, you can decide whether to send them immediately, or schedule a time for the broadcast where it is most convenient for you as the sender or convenient for the recipient. Personalize your messages by inserting the recipient's first name, last name, address, or other information that you have entered into your contacts so that the message appears more credible and personal to the recipient.


Statistics Analysis

Get real time statistics on the text messages sent, e.g. with delivery reports, as well as the financial budget. The statistics will be constantly updated as your text messages are sent, as well as your costs displayed.


API Integration

Get a complete API integration for broadcasting text messages from the existing systems. We offer a fully functional API that allows you to send messages from other programs. Through the API, one or more text messages can be sent at once, as well as manage your address book such as update or add new contact data or create new target groups.